Aluminium doors

We manufacture and install aluminium doors for commercial and residential buildings in various sectors. You can design a customised door meeting the highest quality requirements while also featuring the best thermal conductivity, sound insulation, weatherproofing and security values.

Why are aluminium doors the best choice?

Personalised design

No matter which style or coating you choose, we always ensure the highest quality. We offer a highly wide range of surface coating options such as imitation materials and almost any colour and gloss level. Our panel design options are unlimited, further samples are available in our catalogues.

Protection for your home

Homes must be safe. We offer front doors of various price and security levels, also with the highest burglar resistance class RC3. We also provide the best sound insulation indicators up to class 5. The best weatherproofing values ensure that our doors can easily resist any weather conditions.

Your smart front door

Our aluminium doors comply with almost all smart home systems to ensure your maximum comfort. You can operate your doors with a code key, fingerprint or smartphone. Further information can be found in our design door catalogue.

When opting for an aluminium front door, you can be sure that there are virtually no maintenance costs and its lifecycle is the longest compared to doors made of other materials available in the market.

Aluminium front doors are not only durable but also highly versatile in their numerous and unique design options. There is a wide range of coating options such as a wood or concrete look, in addition also a number of various colour shades.