Aluminium windows

High-quality and energy-saving aluminium windows

Windows serve many functions – they create light-filled spaces and provide a view of the surroundings. At the same time, they must protect you from cold as well as summer heat and also keep out noise and uninvited guests. Whatever their function, windows must also blend in with the architecture of the building which, in turn, requires great flexibility in terms of shape, construction and finishing. We will show you how to combine various requirements while also maintaining the best design and individuality.

Why are aluminium windows the best choice?

High quality and longevity

Aluminium windows are highly weatherproof and require little or no maintenance apart from rare cleaning. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, the high-quality aluminium windows last for decades with no loss of their original qualities.

The best design

Unlimited options to design windows according to the architecture and personality of the building. Minimalist lines, extensive surfaces, large dimensions and maximum panoramic views are some of the keywords characterising the freedom in aluminium window design.

Saving valuable energy

Insufficiently insulated windows can result in hefty bills and great energy loss. Contemporary aluminium windows help to save energy thanks to its excellent technological construction. In the long run, replacing old windows is a great investment and as an added value, also visually enhances the building.

Aluminium frame windows have a longer lifecycle than windows of other materials. Also their maintenance costs are very low as they only need to be cleaned every now and then. Only windows in highly frequent use occasionally require some adjustment, but otherwise they are virtually maintenance-free.

The high stability of the aluminium allows to create large glass surfaces with narrow facing. We use the coating technology of the highest quality providing the windows with a weatherproof surface and protection against UV radiation.