Aluminium fire doors, windows and glass walls

We manufacture a wide range of aluminium profile fireproof doors and windows for indoor and outdoor use with the fire rating between EI30-120. The colour for the products can be selected from Decoral, NCS and RAL spectrum. In addition, the profiles can also be anodised. The glass walls and windows come in different shapes and also curved. All products are certified and tested in European ITB institutes with CE markings.

Fire doors

Aluminium profile fire doors complying with fire ratings EI15 – 60.

Fireproof glass walls and windows

Aluminium profile fireproof windows and glass walls complying with fire ratings EI15 – 120.

Frameless fireproof glass walls

This is our state-of-the-art frameless fireproof glass wall system complying with fire ratings EI15, EI30 and EI60. The glass walls can be combined with EI30 wooden fire doors.